How Spy App for Cell Phone Is Secure Shield for Data Protection

There was this incident of video sharing of one of our employers bullying the junior employees. The video was shared on some of the popular portals and in office groups as well. So in the end it went viral with the company’s name and some hard hashtags. This was one thing but later on, video sharing thing become a common thing. There will be an audio recording, a document a video or somtheing that will be shared with the public groups. The higher authorities tried their best to track the culprit but the reality was it was not the task of one person. People from different departments were participating. They had enough of the bullies’ employers so the trend started with one video and was getting serious day by day. Though the employees were doing the right thing the way chosen was wrong. The company’s name and reputation were getting worse and people were talking about the toxic environment and weak data security of the organisation. It all ended with big changes in the higher authorities section and the new heads were fierce right from the start.

The first thing they ordered was to finalise a spy app for cell phones for employee monitoring purposes. They were very open about this act from the start. It was like a fair warning to whoever the culprit was because the nature of the video and confidential information thing was going out of hand. Thus the TheOneSpy spy was chosen and there were all talks about the legality or illegality of the taken step. It was made clear that the employee monitoring thing is very much legal and employers are all allowed to keep a check on the employee’s work-related activities. All they needed was to use such apps on the company-owned devices only.

  • There is a 93% chance of outsider cyber criminals attack on any company’s network according to Forbes reports.

Spy app for cell phone the TheOneSpy offer versatile features that can help the user and act as a strong shield against data stealing. Here is how you can tackle data protection issues within an organization in the smartest way possible.

Avoid Data tempering:

Data tempering can be a serious issue when it comes to data setting and data protection. Any small mistake or temporising attempt with important documentation can cause big havoc. The TheOneSpy android spy app for cellphone offers an email monitoring feature for the user. You can track the content of the sent email by any employee and can even check the attachment history. In this way, it is easy to know about any attempt of illegal data sharing through emails.


Listen to employees and their company with the mic bug feature. The feature let the user listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices. That means any illegal presence of any employee at the wrong place or wrong timing will be detected and saved right away. You can even listen to any forceful attempt at audio recordings as well through the feature.

Identity Theft Issues:

With the camera bug feature, you can know if anyone tried to share any confidential document with any other by stealing your identity. The front and rear camera control report to the target user.

Weak Passwords:

Detect any weak password with the keystroke logging feature and warn the employees right away.

Illegal Secret Apps for Data Theft:

Some employees use illegal or weird apps to share their data with outsiders. It can be a recording app or a data storage app. With a Spy app for cellphone like the TheOneSpy, one can detect the presence of any suspicious app and can even block it right away.

Illegal Data Sharing Through Chats:

Keep an eye on the social media and distant messenger chat app communication of the employees. Sometimes data is shared conscious or unconsciously through these apps.

TheOneSpy spy app for cellphone is a simple and easy way to keep an eye on the employees. With Stealth mode you can keep this whole monitoring thing a secret or you can openly share it with the company and employees. The app offer services for both android and iPhone. Make sure you choose the company-owned device to keep a check on the employees.

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