The Best Restaurants for Food Delivery in Trains in India with ZOOP

Traveling by train can be fun, but it can also be frustrating at times. The availability and quality of Food Delivery in Train can vary, making it difficult to find something to suit your tastes and dietary restrictions. Zoop India, India’s most trusted train booking service, is here.

Enjoy Discount With Zoop 

You can also save money by enjoying a delicious meal on the train. If you select the “No meal” option when buying your train ticket, the ticket price will be significantly lower. You can then order delicious food from Zoop on the train and enjoy discounts too. Use coupon code “ZOOP100” to get Rs. Get 100% off your Zoop train food orders.

Good quality

Online Food In Train from Zoop offers a reasonable alternative to the substandard meals usually served on trains. Food on trains and station stalls are generally of questionable hygiene. When you stay at Zoop, your food will be delivered from FSSAI approved restaurants that ensure hygiene and quality. Protect yourself and your loved ones next time by booking your train with Zoop!

Order in advance

When traveling long distances by train, it is very important to plan your meals ahead of time. Zoop allows you to get Food Delivery in Train and have it conveniently delivered while you travel. Use coupon code ZOOP50 or ZOOP100 to make your order even more convenient.

Place your order from the top eateries.

Zoop India has teamed with some of India’s greatest eateries to provide a diverse menu. Domino’s, KFC, Subway, and so on. You can place orders from the top eateries. You may inspect the food you order for quality and hygiene. Zoop India has collaborated with these establishments to provide the greatest dining experience possible while traveling by rail. You can select from a wide range of dishes and enjoy delectable fare along the journey.

How to order food on the train with Zoop, the most trusted food ordering service?

Follow these simple steps to order food on the train using Zoop: Zoop India can be found at

In the search box, enter the 10-digit PNR number or pick the station or train where the food will be delivered. A list of eateries that are open will be provided. Please choose your preferred restaurant. After you’ve decided on a restaurant, you may peruse the menu, choose your food, and add it to your basket.

Please enter your name and contact information. After confirming your order, you can choose to pay securely online or pay on delivery. Your order will be delivered to your seat on the train. Zoop also allows you to order food via WhatsApp. Zoop offers a WhatsApp chatbot called Ziva that simplifies the ordering process. Ziva helps you share your PNR number, select your next station, select a restaurant and make online food reservations for your train. Real-time order tracking lets you know if your food is waiting for you at the next station. To get Online Food Order on Train through WhatsApp, send “Hello” on WhatsApp to Zoop (91 7042062070).

Gorakhpur Railway Station Jn

Order a wide range of North Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, Fast Food and more from Lazeez Restaurant at Gorakhpur Jn Railway Station with a minimum order of INR 199. With a 4.1 star rating, we promise a great meal. 

Gwalior JN Station

Seven Spice Restaurant at GWALIOR JN Station is a must-visit for foodies and has an impressive 4.7 star rating. The varied menu includes North Indian, South Indian, Maharashtrian, fast food, Chinese and Punjabi cuisine, and the minimum order is kept at INR 90, making it a top choice for travelers on a budget. Dinner at Gwalior Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station

With a 4.2 star rating at New Delhi Railway Station, Sagar BarBeQue enthralls guests with its delicious cuisine. Specializing in North Indian, Chinese, Fast Food, Italian and Mughlai cuisine, the restaurant promises a varied and satisfying dining experience. With a minimum order of INR 200, you invite your guests to enjoy your delicious dish. 

With Zoop India, ordering food on the train has never been easier. You can get Food Delivery in Train via WhatsApp or Zoop’s website, and the greatest Indian railway food will be brought right to your seat.

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